Washing Your Face – You Could Be Doing it Wrong

Washing our faces is like the easiest part of our beauty ritual. Not so many people really pay attention to how they do it , they just do. Well, it turns out the skin problems could actually be caused by absentmindedly washing your face. Oiliness and dryness are but a few types of skin irritation that leads to breakouts.

First is picking the right facial cleanser. The magic words are “non comedogenic”, “oil-free”, and “mild”. Look for these on the label. If you have existing red and swollen bumps especially choose a cleanser without scrubbing balls or beads. Keep watch on products that contain medication already like 10% or 2% salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. You could be stacking layers of medication all at once and that could actually worsen acne. Check out some acne treatment reviews to know more.

What you should remember:
- wash twice a day
- do not use scrub or any mechanical devices, just use your bare hands
- do not rub when drying, just pat it dry

Makeup would normally be the major reason why one would want to make sure their face is thoroughly clean. There are more important things that one should remember though about makeup. Never sleep with your makeup on. It is also important to use the same criteria in picking a cleanser as in picking makeup. Only choose non comedogenic, oil free makeup.

Washing your face is just prepping it for the acne medication of your choice could do its job. To avoid dryness try not to use bar soaps. A mild liquid cleanser would be ideal. Washing your face will unclog pores and rid of makeup, dirt and dead skin cells through exfoliation. It is ideal that if you have eye makeup or other cosmetics or you remove them first by dabbing a noncomedogenic makeup remover in a cotton and remove it before using a cleanser and water. Remember to also massage your finger in gentle, circular motion while washing it. Begin with tepid water then rinse it with cool (not cold) water. Pat it dry and your face is now clean and unclogged. You now have a clean and unclogged face for the acne treatment your dermatologist recommended.